The Belfry Kitchen
What is The Belfry Kitchen?

What is The Belfry Kitchen?

The Belfry Kitchen, in its very simplest form, is a lunchtime café. But it is also an expression of family life and of relationship, and of the sweetness that accompanies shared labours...


 How is the Belfry different?

The Belfry (pronounced “Belfree”) is meant as a sober, practical answer to the economic times - both present and ahead. In its pursuit of production and joyful labour, the Belfry has undeniably developed a less than common character.

For example, cash is not essential at the Belfry. Barter trades and exchanges (fresh produce etc) are just as welcome. In fact, the Belfry is also a client of its clients, and appreciates co-dependence. Its joyful motto, Earth’s Bounty, also suggests that not everything needs to have a price, every time! On the whole, menu prices reflect about half the going rate, while serving exceptional fare. Essentially, the Belfry relies on its own vegetable gardens, poultry run, orchards, livestock, purpose-run dairy operations and so forth, to produce the ingredients for its menu items and groceries range. At the Belfry, retail and supply are therefore not set apart from sowing, husbandry, harvesting and processing - even slaughtering and hunting find their proper place in this circle of supply. All housed on one bit of soil.

The Belfry is also a bakery, relying on its heroic wood-fired brick oven for the baking of everything from stone ground flour breads to meringues, from wedding cakes to the tenderest croissants. Perhaps strangest of all, the Belfry in Twee Riviere is home to the town’s Post Office. And so, the peculiarities add up and unfold to an exciting result - though the essence of it is best enjoyed live...!


 What is the Belfry not trying to be?

The Belfry does not have the pursuit of healthy living in mind. If it achieves this, it is incidental.

The Belfry does not pursue the pleasing of its customers, but chooses rather to rekindle and demonstrate a former way - long before the misery of consumer-dom conferred its despondent role.

The Belfry does not aim to offer a recreational break or respite from real life, but takes delight in exhibiting the most sober and encouraging reflection of it, in all its facets, both glorious and humble.


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